Tourist attractions of Palakkad

The major tourist attractions of Palakkad are Silent Valley National Park, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Malampuzha Dam and Nelliyampathy hill station.

Silent Valley National Park

Forests are many. Ever green rain forests such as Silent Valley are rare. Scientists tag the forests of Silent Valley as 50 million years old. The fragile eco system and its diversity have evolved through millions of years.

Of the many inhabitants, one species has received great attention. That is the Lion tailed Macacque, the monkey that is on the verge of extinction.

Unlike other forests, this forest is unusually silent. No chirping of birds or Cicadas. The silence was so noticeable to name the place as the valley of silence.

Silent Valley is about 80 kms from Palakad town.

Parambikulam National Park

Together with a large bison population, a wide variety of animals make the sanctuary home. Elephant, leopard, tiger, deer, lion-tailed macaque and many more are present. Many endemic and endangered species remain protected within the Park area of 285 sq. Kms. Also notable are the 286 species of birds and 124 types of butterflies.

Besides observing animals from watch towers, visitors can also enjoy boat rides in the reservoir or get on with some fishing. Trekking can be done, only with prior permission though.

State Forest Department have set up rest houses and a tree house in the reserve forest. The Divisional Forest Office, Parambikulam, takes care of your advance booking needs.

Parambikulam National Park is located at 110 kms from Palghat town.

Malampuzha Dam

Located 10 kms from Palakad town, Malampuzha is one the major picnic spots in Kerala.

Surrounded by mountains and flanked by well maintained gardens, dam location is picturesque. Creatively designed rose gardens, lawns, floral carpets, fountains, sculptures, pathways and rock gardens gracefully spread over dam side areas. 

A walk through the hanging bridge over the canal takes visitors to the gardens on the other side of the dam. A ropeway passes over the floral beds and lawns taking people on 20 minute scenic rides.

The reservoir is great for boat rides and fishing. Water scooters and different types of mini boats are on hire from the Garden House next to the reservoir.

The fresh water aquarium, Snake Park, telescopic tower and swimming pool bring amusement to a relaxed day out. To make it all complete, a children’s park is set up with range of activities and a toy train.

This  Vrindavan of Kerala, although not as big as the actual Vrindavan grdens in Mysore, is a great picnic place for a fun filled afternoon.

Nelliyampathy hill station

Nelliyampathy is a cool spot to escape the heat of the table land.

The 50 km travel to Nelliyampathy from Palakkad is packed with moments of excitement, as the ride takes us alongside paddy fields, waterfalls, plantations, and forests. The best part of the hill climb is great views of the valleys and Pothundi dam. On the wild side, there is no scarcity of hairpin bends too!

Hill ranges of Nelliyampathy are filled with plantations of tea, coffee and cardamom. However, the orange groves of Nelliyampathy have attracted more attention in the ‘not so oranged’ Kerala.

Local vantage points are fantastic. Out of many, some even give a great view of the bulk of the district.

Had enough of touching clouds and chilling out? Local trekking spots are many and varied, yet they are all alike in catering to those who struggle to sweat.

Attractions of Palakkad to further explore

Siruvani dam and waterfalls such as Dhoni and Meenvallam are good for a few refreshing hours.

Dhoni waterfall is on Dhoni hills, just 15 kms from the city. The trek to the top is about 3 hrs, a discouraging factor for many visitors.

Similarly Meenvallam waterfall and Siruvani dam have access related issues. The waterfall is closed during rainy season. The path to the waterfall is also in disrepair.

Forest Department has jeeps tours to Siruvani dam, every couple of hours. You need to be there on time. The road to the forest check post is also in a bad state.

A general rule for visiting any remote location is to phone tourism officials a day or two before your visit and check if any restrictions to entry are in place.

For those who want a detailed tour there are plenty of places to visit. For those who have enough time, some of the interesting spots to explore are Attappadi, Thiruvilwamala, Varikasseri mana, Kalpathy, Kollengode, The Elephant Care Centre, Thrithala, Ramassery, Thiruvalathoor, Lakkidi, Meenkara, Mangalam Dam, Olappamanna Mana, Kachamkurichi Temple, Varahamoorthi Kshetram, Kalari Kovilakom, Chittur Gurumadam, Kanhirapuzha Dam, Pothundi dam, Cholanoor Peacock Sanctury, Chulliar dam, Seetharkundu water fall and Mayilladumpara.

Cultural attractions of Palakkad are many and varied. However, they are known outside or marketed via tourism publications or agencies. Many of the villages of Palakkad are fertile grounds for cultural discovery tour.

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