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Government and politics of Kerala

The Government and politics of Kerala is part of the largest democracy in the world, India

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Chapati is one the most common food items in several counties.

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Kerala snacks - what should I know about them?

Kerala snacks could add up to a hundred. Where to buy? What to eat?

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Your food in Kerala - What to eat and what to avoid

What should be my food in Kerala? What basics should I know to keep safe from dreaded tummy issues that bog down a lot of people visiting the sub-continent?

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Kappa or Kappa Kizhangu

Kappa or Kappa Kizhangu is no longer considered to be a poor man's food in Kerala

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Puttu is a popular food that you should try while visiting Kerala

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Idly is easy to make, healthy and delecious.

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Dosa is a unique South Indian food

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Pathiri is an authentic Kerala dish

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Getting around in Cochin

When it comes to getting around in Cochin, the first thing you need to know is that the names Cochin and Ernakulam are used interchangeably.

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How to reach Cochin

Planning for backwater holidays? Here is how to reach Cochin.

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The best places to visit in Cochin surroundings

True, there are several tourist attractions in town, but a few of the places to visit in Cochin surroundings worth a look too.

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Backwaters in Cochin

It is easy to get confused about the backwaters in Cochin and holidaying there.

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Tourist attractions in Cochin

Are you searching for the best tourist attractions in Cochin? Here they are.

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Kottiyoor temple

Few shrines have the antiquity or religious significance of Kottiyoor temple in Kannur.

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