Bekal beach

Bekal beach became a major holiday destination of Kasaragod district, in the last decade.

In addition to domestic and International tourists, movie makers of South India and Bollywood regularly reach here to capture the best of the local backgrounds for songs and movie scenes.

A brilliant mix of serenity and beauty embraces the calm waters and green villages of Bekal coast.

The beach itself is blissful.

Then there is the fort that majestically overlooks the coastal waters from a beach side promontory.

Bekal is spectacular. Even the government agrees. How else Indian Government declare Bekal as Special Tourism Area?

It is the one and only place in entire Kerala declared so by the National Government. Kerala Government further spiced up things by setting up Bekal Resource Development Corporation (BRDC) to enhance Bekal as a major tourist spot.

So we see sculptures, murals, rock garden, and trees near the beach. Relaxation facilities such as sheds, eru madams, a full- fledged facility centre, ample night lighting and walkway set Bekal apart from most other Kerala beaches.

A children's park they set up next to the beach comes handy for visiting families.

Bekal hole Aqua Park, just one km from the fort, is a fun place for boat rides and water based excitement. Set aside some time to enjoy canoe rides in local backwaters.

If you are on a one day visit, expect to spend a fair bit of time at the beach, fort and other attractions.

Bekal beach fort

Bekal fort on top of the beach is architecturally and historically significant. Armory, chambers, underground tunnels, observation tower and cannon holes illustrate the picture of sea side vigil and defensive intentions.

Bekal fort stands at about 130 feet above the sea level, spreading 35 acres on a rocky cliff in between Bekal and Pallikkare beaches.

The 17th century citadel is the largest as well as the best preserved fort in Kerala. From the observation tower you can enjoy panoramic view the sea and the nearby areas of Kanhangad, Pakkikare and Uduma.


There are several hotels, resorts and even boat stays near Bekal beach. Bekal Resorts, Bekal Beach Camp, Hotel Holiday Inn, Bekal Boat Stay and Gitanjali Heritage plus many more are around.

If you are not contend with stay choices near Bekal, the towns of Kanhangad (at 10 kms) and Nileswar also have some reasonable accommodation. If you prefer to stay near backwaters, Nalanda Resort in Nileswar could be something you are looking for.


Bekal is 16 kms from Kasaragod Bus Station. Frequent buses connect Bekal to Kasaragod town.

Taxi’s and Auto-Rickshaws are also easily available for hire.

Although Mangalore City is about 64 kms from Bekal, Mangalore Airport is only 50 kms away.


Bekal beach Kerala - Facts at a glance

Location : North Kerala

District : Kasaragod 

Nearest towns : Kasaragod at 16 Kms

Bus Station : Kasaragod Bus Station at 16Kms

Taxi / Auto Rickshaw Hire : Kasaragod Town at 16 Kms

Railway Station : Kasaragod Railway Station at 17 Kms

Air port : Mangalore Airport at 50 kms

Food Options : Restaurants in Bekal, Kasaragod town, Kanhangad and Nileswar.

Accommodation Options : Hotels, lodges, resorts, heritage homes and boat stays near the beach. More hotels, lodges and resorts at Kasaragod town, Kanhangad and Nileswar.

Best time to visit : October to May. Can be visited throughout the year although monsoon can spoil some fun during Jun-Aug.

Nearby Attractions : Kappil beach, Kareem Park, Ananthapuram Temple, Anandasramam, Nityanandasramam, Adoor, Ajanoor, Chandragiri fort, Edneer Mutt, Kottencheri Hills, Kanwatheertha Beach, Nileswaram Palace, Valiyaparamba backwaters, Thejaswini River Rafting and Ranipuram.

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