Chethalayam falls

Chethalayam falls is located about 12 kilometres from Sulthan Batheri. Chethalayam is smaller and lesser known compared to other waterfalls in Wayanad.

Probably many people may consider the long trek to the waterfall as the best part. The woods are thick and there are plenty of birds and butterflies.

If all stars aligned properly, you may also spot a bit of wildlife, as you walk 4 kilometers to the waterfall. 

Even if you miss out on the boost of a wildlife sighting, no need to worry.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary-a.k.a Muthanga sanctuary, is just near to provide a comprehensive experience. 

The Forest Range Office at Chethalayam issues visitor passes to the waterfall. Their permission is mandatory to get into the jungle surrounding the waterfall.

You can avail the services of a guide from the check post. Wild elephants, at times pass through the area. For that reason, Guide service becomes indispensable to this 4 kilometer trek.

Trek to Chethalayam falls

Visitors walk through a great display of nature to reach the waterfall. Great many trees stand proudly over a grassy landscape. Verdant valleys and great elevations extend far and wide. Colourful butterflies and birds fly around.

As they walk carried away in the woods, the waterfall suddenly comes into view. The cascade, concealed inside bushes, appears only at a close range of just a few meters. A sudden joy inside a forest!

Water flowing down the rocky terrain is red and muddy during the rainy months of monsoon. Though water clears up post monsoon, unfortunately, it gradually reduces to a trickle before finally dries up in peak summer of April and May.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is immediately after monsoon, from September till February. Though waterfall gets to full glory in monsoon, leaches are in abundance during that time. Also, the moss covered wet rocks of the trekking trail get very slippery.

Early morning visits are preferable to spot some wildlife and birds around.

How to reach

Chethalayam waterfall is located 12 kilometers on Sulthan Batheri to Pullpalli road.

It is possible to take vehicle through an off road path to near this Kerala waterfall.

Chethalayam waterfalls - Facts at a glance 

Location : North Kerala

District : Wayanad 

Nearest towns : Sulthan Batheri at 12 kms

Bus Station : Sulthan Batheri Bus Station at 12 Kms

Taxi/ Auto-rikshaw Hire : Sulthan Batheri Town at 12 Kms

Railway Station : No rail access to Wayand District. Nearest Railway Station is Kozhikode at 97 Kms.

Air port : Kozhikode Int’l Airport (CCJ) at 120 Kms

Food Options : No eateries near waterfall. Restaurants at Sulthan Batheri, Meppadi, and Kalpetta.

Accommodation Options : Not near the waterfall. Lodges and hotels at Batheri, Kalpetta and Meppadi towns.

Best time to visit : September to February. Beware of slippery condition during wet season. Waterfall dries up during March – April.

Nearby Attractions : Chembra peak, Edakkal Caves, Soochippara waterfall, Kanthanpara waterfall, Meenmutti waterfall, Batheri town (shopping & food), Muthanga Sanctuary, Pakshipathalam, Kuruva Islands, Banasura Sagar Dam and Thirunelli.

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