Dhoni waterfall

Dhoni waterfall is located on top of Dhoni hills, near Palakkad town.

In comparison to Malampuzha dam which is hailed as a major local tourist spot, Dhoni waterfall, located just 5 kilometres away, is relatively less known.

Access to the waterfalls requires a 3 hour trek to the top of Dhoni hills through the forest. This major restrictive factor cuts down visitor numbers to a great extant.

Although the waterfall itself is rather small, refreshingly beautiful surroundings make up for it.

Water from here ultimately feeds Malampuzha Dam.

Enjoying the scenic environment of Dhoni hills and a great trek are the upshots of visiting this Kerala waterfall.

Check post set up at the base inspects bags, especially for alcohol. Prohibition is in place at the waterfall premises.

There is narrow mountain path suitable only for 4 Wheel Drives and motor bikes all the way till the water fall.

Private vehicles are not permitted past the check point.

Dhoni waterfall trek

The 3 hour trek starts from teak plantations at the base of the hill. It continues uphill through the forest.

The trek path of 4 kilometres can be walked without guide service. Although Elephants, tigers, king cobras and wild animals inhabit the remote jungle, trek path is considered safe.

Still, there is there is some chance to see some small wild life en route to the waterfall.

It is possible to reduce trek distance by taking short cuts now and then off the usual path. Conquering steeper inclines can be more tiring though.

The climb takes 3 hours. The easier return journey can be completed in about 2 hours. By reaching the top by noon, an hour or two of pleasant relaxing can be done at the falls.

Better even, by starting the trek early in the morning, a greater part of the day can be spent idling at the waterfall. Make sure to take enough snacks and drinks if doing so.

Visitors reach the waterfall drained. Smiling Mother Nature sprinkles freshness and a lively feel. The last bits of exhaustion flies away, as the cool pool takes over with a velvety feel.

A bit of caution takes care of moss covered slippery rocks inside the pool. Depth of the stream may surpass the normal expectation considering that the waterfall is quite small.

Dhoni waterfall - Malampuzha Dam Trek

For adventure seekers, there is an exciting trekking path from Dhoni waterfall to Malampuzha dam. This 5 Kilometres path through forest is access restricted. Trekking needs prior permission from the District Forest Officer. A local guide will lead you through a trail of danger and beauty.

Kavarakunnu bungalow

Construction of this bungalow is linked to the days of orange and cardamom plantations of 1850’s. Built by the British to oversee plantations that thrived, the deserted bungalow still overlooks the path to the waterfall.

Hope somebody will wake up to the possibilities. It could be renovated to a charming resort or guest house. The much needed facilities for waterfall visitors could be set up here as well.

Other attractions at Dhoni village

Government owned Cattle and goat farm is located at Dhoni. This outfit, famous for Swiss breeds of cattle, houses hundreds of them. In addition to regular milk farm, a sperm collection facility also functions here.

Local legends connect the origin of the temple at the foot hills to a very early age. As per the story the Goddess constructed it as a tribute to Lord Siva. This small yet attractive structure exemplifies Kerala architecture.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit here is immediately after monsoon.

Rains are over by then, trek path is clear and the waterfall appears filled with water.

How to reach

The village of Dhoni is 15 kilometres from Palakkad town.

Dhoni hills at the north form part of Western Ghats. The easiest way to reach here is by a private vehicle rather than public transport.

Dhoni waterfall - Facts at a glance 

Location : Central Kerala

District : Palakkad 

Nearest towns : Palakkad at 15 kms

Bus Station : Palakkad at 15 Kms

Taxi/ Auto-rikshaw Hire : Palakkad at 15 Kms

Railway Station : Palakkad Railway Station at 9 Kms

Air port : Coimbathore Airport (CJB) at 70 Kms

Food Options : Take some food and drinks with you. No food available near the waterfall. Several restaurants are there in Palakkad town.

Accommodation Options : Lodges and hotels at Palakkad town.

Best time to visit : Immediately after monsoon i.e., from October onwards. Can be visited throughout the year. Beware of slippery conditions during peak monsoons.

Nearby Attractions : Malampuzha Dam, Palakkad City (shopping & food), Palakkad Fort, Silent Valley National Park, Thiruvalathoor Bhagavathy Temple, Walayar Dam, Chulannur Peacock Protection Centre, Kalpathi, Mangalam Dam, Parambikulam Sanctuary, Nelliyampathy hill station, Pothundi Dam, Meenvallam waterfall and Attappadi.

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