Ezhimala beach

The sea curves around three sides of the seven peaked Ezhimala hills. Ezhimala beach is artistically set by nature at the foot steps of those hills.

Just adding spice to splendour, sea here is truly blue and the sands are of a different texture.

Hills appear painted green with dense bushes amidst scattered coconut palms.

Intrigue permeates the hill slopes where carved stone pillars are seen scattered around.It gets even intense at the bottom where a cave and an ancient burial chamber suddenly appear before eyes.

There is also an old mosque on top of the hill that attracts many visitors.

Hill top bushes are home to medicinal herbs that are hard to find elsewhere. Ezhimala hills are renowned for them.

Dolphins are usually spotted at the nearby Ettikulam Bay. So it has become a favorite spot of Dolphin enthusiasts.

For those who are looking for an isolated place abundant in natural beauty, Ezhimala beach Kerala delivers that in droves.

Due to the lack of beach side tourist accommodations and lack of other recreational activities, it is more of a picnic spot or weekend getaway.


Ezhimala was the capital of an ancient kingdom called Mushika dynasty. History says that Lord Buddha has visited Ezhimala.

Mention about the rare herbs of Ezhimala can be found even in the ancient Indian text of Ramayana, which is thousands of years old. As per Indian mythology, Hanuman has reached here in search of rare medicinal herbs.

Indian Naval Academy

Nearly 55 kilometres north of Kannur, Ezhimala is the seat of Indian Naval Academy, one the largest of its kind in the country. Navy maintains the light house located near the beach. It is named Mount Deli Light house.

The presence of Naval Academy has added strategic significance to the otherwise sleepy and uncrowded place. For that reason, permission is required nowadays to access the beach.

Best time to visit

Although Ezhimala can be visited throughout the year, there is not much of fun on a secluded beach during heavy down pour. Therefore peak monsoon (June - August)is not a good time to visit here.

Ezhimala - Facts at a glance

Location : North Kerala

District : Kannur

Nearest towns : Payyannur at 8 Kms

Bus Station : Payyannur Bus Station at 8 Kms

Taxi / Auto-Rickshaw hire : From Payyannur Town at 8 Kms

Railway Station : Payyannur Railway Station at 8 Kms

Air port : Karippur International Airport Kozhikode (CCJ) at 95 kms

Food Options : Restaurants at Payyannur town

Accommodation Options : No beach side Accommodation. Some Lodges and hotels at Payyannur town.

Best time to visit : September to May.

Nearby attractions : Alaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Parassinikkadavu Snake Park, Arakkal Palace, Thalasseri Fort, Muzhappilangad drive in beach, Dharmadam Island, Payyambalam beach, Kannur town (shopping & food) and Mappila Bay.

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