Kasaragod backwater tours

Kasaragod backwater region, one of the most scenic places in Kerala, is great for houseboat holidays and boat rides.

Travelers are starting to discover about this remote land of serene beaches, attractive shrines, pristine waterscapes and green filled landscapes.

Idyllic and romantic, Kasaragod backwater strips are ideal getaway spots for blissful holidays.

Riding in moonlit waters, relaxing in a house boat, or rafting through rapids, water based fun is second to none.

Being far away from tourist hubs, the villages at the northern corridor of Kerala are free from the clutches of commercialism.

Tourists who prefer mainstream house boat experience chose the backwaters of Alappuza.

A bunch of others experiment North Kerala for hassle free holidays and tranquil water rides away from crowds.

The district, traversed by several rivers, has great potential for water based tourism.

Currently, Kasaragod backwater tours are pretty much limited to Valiyaparamba and Chandragiri.

Valiyaparamba backwater

Kavvayi – Valiyaparamba, the third largest backwater in Kerala, is also one of the most scenic lakes. Extending from Payyannur to Nileshwar, it takes up considerable areas of Kannur and Kasaragod districts.

With palm lined shores, occasional forest beds and scattered islands, there is beauty at its best.

Most of the islands are tiny and uninhabited. The notable exception is Valiyaparmba, the largest island which occupies about 16 sq kms. Fishing and farming sustains the island population of about 10,000.

Valiyaparamba Island separates the sea from the backwater. In recent years, it has become a notable spot for backwater rides.

Bekal Resource Development Corporation offers house boats. Single or double roomed house boats are available from Nileshwar for Valiyaparamba backwater rides.

Valiyaparamba is 30 kms from Bekal.

Chandragiri backwater

Chandragiri is the second prominent backwater in Kasaragod.

Scenic Chandragiri, located just 4 kms from Kasaragod town, is also known for its historic fort. Backwater rides goes well with a visit to Kasaragod town and nearby attractions. Boat rides start from Chandragiri Bridge.

The river side fort, one of the local sightseeing spots, is a 17th century structure. It was constructed by King Sivappa Nayak. The same king is credited of building Bekal fort, one of the premier attractions in North Kerala.

Rafting in River Thejaswini

After originating in Coorg in the neighbouring state of Karnataka, Thejaswini flows through the forest bed of Kasaragod. Running as a wild stream, it creates rapids and torrents in plenty.

About 20 kms of the river is ‘raftable’ where adventure companies are currently offering rafting trips. Visitors can select Upper and lower Thejaswni rafting.

There is not much rafting in Kerala. That may be the reason why Thejaswini rafting has become popular.

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