Thirumullavaram beach

Thirumullavaram beach is conveniently located 6 Kms north of Kollam town. A patch of sand overwhelmed by rocks, the beach forms a shallow inlet.

Intermittent rock piles punctuate the whole curvy shore. These rock clusters were placed by the Government to protect the shore from strong tides.

Since the tsunami of 2005, rocky barriers have become a permanent feature of Kerala coast.

Thirumullavaram is one of the three beach picnic spots of Kollam. The other two are Thangasseri and M.G Beach.

Near the beach is the famed Maha Vishnu Swamy temple. During peak monsoon season, the temple ritual of Karkadaka Vavu, for the deceased, is held on the beach. Tens of thousands of people attend the event.

The large pond is remarkably close to the sea. It could be an extension of the sea, if not for the strong wall and tiny strip of land in between.

Even more interesting is the number of people in the pond! The number of people swimming in the sea is not even a close call.

There is a massive rock that projects from the sea, at about 2 kilometres from the shore. I do not know why, but it is called Sunday Rock (Njayarazhcha Para).  It is visible from the shore during low tides.


The waves are milder within the shallow beach inlet. The story could be different during high tides though.

A local beach for a couple of hours to relax and that is all this beach is about.

Not far from here, there are places that teach yoga. Also, there are Ayurvedic well being centres offering rejuvenation therapies and massages.


Choice is limited, when it comes to staying near the beach. If you intend to spend a few days undisturbed in a country side, then this beach could fit the bill.

Bear in mind though, there are worthy contenders elsewhere too.

The usual choice of stay is Kollam town, where there is better range to pick the type of accommodation suits you the best.

How to reach

The port town of Kollam (also Quillon) is 70 Kilometers north of Trivandrum. Thirumullavaram can be easily accessed from Kollam town by Taxis, Auto-rickshaws or bus services.

Thirumullavaram beach - Facts at a glance

Location : South Kerala

District: Kollam

Nearest towns: Kollam town at 6 Kms

Bus Station: Kollam has private and KSRTC bus stations

Railway Station: Kollam Railway Station

Air port: Trivandrum Int’l Airport (TRV) at 70 Kms

Food Options: Several restaurants in Kollam town.

Accommodation Options: A range of Hotels and lodges in Kollam town.

Best time to visit:  October to May. Can be visited throughout the year, although monsoon (Jun – Sep) can spoil some fun.

Nearby Attractions :  Kollam town (shopping, food & fun), Kollam Police Museum, Thenmala, Chavara, Sastham Kotta, Thangasseri Beach, M.G Beach, Ashramam Picnic Village, Jatayu Rock, Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple, Krishnapuram Palace, Shendurni Wildlife Sanctuary and Matha Amrithanandamayi Ashram.

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