A tour to Bekal

A tour to Bekal is one of the highlights of Kasaragod travel.

Not too long ago, Bekal used to be one of those outstandingly beautiful yet unknown places.

Bekal had an ambiance, which was quite unique to the region. Those who came to see it liked it well.

Glowing reviews about the stunning beaches and the overlooking fort followed.

That brought in the folks from the movie worlds of South India and even Bollywood.Bekal gave them wonderful backdrops to colourful movie scenes.

Thankfully, authorities also were not blind to the beauty of the place. They could see its potential written all over the place, on the wide spread sandy beaches, the green clad villages, the clean surf , the gentle splash and the circular fort built almost into the sea.

Government of India declared Bekal as a Special Tourism Area. Quite extraordinary because it is the only place in Kerala declared so by the Indian Government.

Bekal Resource Development Corporation, a Government initiative, came into existence. After writing grand plans for these simple villages, they strive to translate them to reality.

Facilities developed as years went by.

Bekal became the premier destination of Kasaragod district. Located at 12 Kms from Kasaragod town, the sunny shore draws both domestic and International visitors for a tour to Bekal.

The beaches of Bekal

The local shore line is dotted with stunning beaches of calm waves and clean sands ideal for refreshing beach holidays.

The twin beaches of Bekal and Pallikkare, just in the vicinity of the citadel are alike. Placid waters meet white sands which run into coconut groves of beach side fishing hamlets.

Besides relaxation facilities such as sheds and eru madams, Bekal beach area has large sculptures, a rock garden and a children’s park.

Beaches of the region are ideal getaway spots if your preferred choice is swimming or plain idling. Kappil, a secluded beach six kms away, is attracting a lot of attention for its sheer beauty, especially from those who travel to Bekal.

Bekal Hole Aqua Park

Located about one km from Bekal Fort, the Aqua Park is a local getaway spot. People reach here to tackle hot Malabar days with water rides. Pedal boats and water cycles are popular. The amusement factor makes Bekal Hole Aqua Park a place well-liked by families.

Canoeing through the nearby backwaters is very enjoyable, especially for non local visitors.

Bekal Fort

Bekal fort was constructed with defense strategy in mind. The circular structure is prominently located atop a massive rocky cliff occupying about 35 acres.

Besides overseeing the movements over the ocean, it gives a bird’s eye view over the wider landscape of Pallikkare, Uduma and even Kanhangad.

Built by red stones, the fort has a zigzag entrance, a prominent water-tank, arms chambers and several underground tunnels.

Those who built it 130 ft. above sea level had the intention of striking the enemy all over the place. Holes were built quite thoughtfully, all over the walls so that enemy could be hit hard far and near.

The observation tower at the top is a great place to enjoy the beauty of the beaches, the ocean and the villages. Located above the blood pond where Mysore ruler Hyder Ali killed two sisters for treason, people climbing all the way to the top, view red sun sets.

The sea side citadel gives the impression of being built from sea, as we see waves pounding against its outer walls.

Opinions vary about who built this fort even though Shivappa Naik of Thelkkeri dynasty is credited with its construction in the 1650’s. The fort belonged to Hyder Ali and the British East India Company at varying intervals.

Considered as the largest and best-preserved fort in Kerala, currently it is under the management of Archaeological Department of the Government of India.

Other local spots

Mukhyaprana Temple of Hanuman and the Muslim Mosque built by Tippu Sulthan are also attractive structures in the nearby area.

Chandragiri Fort, around 10 kms north is a great picnic spot. Chandragiri River rides are enjoyable and relaxing and can be combined with a tour to Bekal.

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