Waterfalls in Kannur

Kannur is not a place that is well known for its waterfalls. While the attention is on beaches and other attractions, there are a few waterfalls covered by the thick mist that blanket the eastern hills. Considering how pretty some of them are, you may wonder why their fame has not yet surpassed the mist that envelops the hill ranges.

Alakapuri falls, Palchuram waterfall, Kudiyanmala cascade and Meenmutty fall in Aralam sanctuary are the noteworthy waterfalls in Kannur.

If you explore the woods, you will come across a few more such as waterfalls in Chavachi section of Aralam Sanctuary and Ramachi waterfall near Kelakam.

Kanam village near Payyannoor also has a few waterfalls. No doubt they are pretty, however too small to write about.

Alakapuri waterfall

Alakapuri or simply Alaka falls is located at Kanjirakolli, about 26 kms from Iritty town. 

Kanjirakolli is all about hills, valleys, forests and mist.

Panoramic views are the best, nature is unpolluted and the calming feel is so awesome that this place is becoming a tourist attraction.

The crowd puller though is the waterfall, which is actually a set of four.

They are also known as Kanjirakolli waterfalls.

If you are ready to explore, you can reach even the first fall. Sights from there extend all the way to the woods of Karnataka not to mention the evergreen plantations of the valleys.

The second one is usually a split cascade falling as two separate strands unless huge amount of water unite them. It is less than half a km from the road.

The last two falls are also equally scenic. That is where we get to enjoy water sprinkles to face and the occasional rainbows.

This region is near Karnataka border to Kerala. One of the upcoming destinations in the area is Sasippara, a trekking spot.  Kanmadappara Kaimuttippara and Hanumanpara are surrounding peaks.

Those who are keen on exploring the woods have a few more in store. Topping the list is the waterfalls created by River Uduumba. They are Minnal Chatam fallRatta waterfall and Arathi waterfall. Mind you, they are small cascades and difficult to reach.

If you love this region and want to stay not too far off, one of the places that offer overnight stay is the bamboo cottage at Sasippara. Or else try Iritty town, where there are a few lodging facilities.

Palchuram waterfall

The mountain path of Palchuram is scary and spellbinding. Narrow road with steep ascends and descends winds around the hill. Depth on one side is really frightening. To make matters worse, there is thick fog that severely limits the view.

At the same time, hard to miss is the immense beauty of the landscape around. This is definitely one of the best forest landscapes you will find in Kerala.

Palchuram ghat road leads to places such as Kottiyoor and Iritty.

Palchuram waterfall is about 6 kms from Kottiyoor, the place known for one of the ancient temples in Kerala. The final leg of the journey is through a very narrow road followed by arduous trek of about half a km.

Palchuram, a multilevel cascade of about 300ft, is one of the best waterfalls in Kannur.

Kudiyanmala waterfall

Kudiyanmala, a hillside village in eastern Kannur, is the entry point to the region’s major hill station. Trek to Paithalmala hill station starts at Kudiyanmala.

Kudiyanmala has plantations of rubber, cocoa and vanilla. The cascade, which comes to life during and after the rains, dries up during summer (Mar – May).

It has one more name – Mettumpuram waterfall.

Meenmutty waterfall in Aralam Sanctuary

Meenmutty waterfall lies deep within Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary. Waterfall trip is one of the main activities sanctuary offers to its visitors.

There are two choices. Hire a jeep or join one of the trekking trips. The distance is about 14 kms from Valayamchal, where the forest department office is located.

Since Aralam is home to wide range of animals, there is chance to spot wildlife. There are areas where you will find dozens of different types of butterflies. There is also a watch tower within the jungle, where there is some chance to sight animals.

The nearest town is Peravoor. Past Peravoor, there is a place called Manathana, where the road to Valayamchal starts.

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