Waterfalls in Kollam

The important waterfalls in Kollam are Palaruvi, Manalar and Kumbavurutty.

Of these Palaruvi is well known. Not a lot of people know about the other two.

Palaruvi Waterfall

Palaruvi is the most impressive of all waterfalls in Kollam. Included in the league of best waterfalls in Kerala, Palaruvi is a busy tourist spot.

One of the reasons for such popularity is the belief that water here has healing qualities, thanks to the medicinal plants and herbs up the hills.

A splash in the pool is great fun. If the water does not heal, let us hope that the fun will.

Palaruvi belongs to the Peppara ranges in eastern Kollam. A well known spot in this area is Aryankavu, the state border.

Monsoon rains brings this tall fall, over 90 metres in height, to full glory. Hence it is the best time to visit. During summer, the waterfall reduces to a tiny drip or nothing at all.

Distances: Kollam – 82 kms   Punalur – 35 kms   Thenmala – 15 kms  Aryankavu – 5 kms

Manalar waterfall

Stunning and sparkling, this is a jewel of the jungle covered in the secrecy of leafy foliage.

Located toward the eastern end of Konni forest, it is hard to reach. Once you reach there, the sight of water spreading out as small silvery cascades as it hit rock after rock is a calming influence, to say the least.

If you have plans to hang around, one of the choices is the scenic region of Achenkovil, which is about 5 kms away. The Shastha temple is a famous religious pilgrimage place.

Spending some time at Kumbhavurutty waterfall is a must, since you can reach there in a short ride.

You can reach here from Tenkashi in Tamil Nadu as well as from Kerala. Konni, Pathanapuram and Punalur are the towns on Kerala side.

Distances: Kollam – 112 kms   Punalur – 65 kms   Konni – 45 kms 

Kumbhavurutty waterfall

Travel a couple of kms from Manalar, and you will reach Kumbhavurutty, a multilayered cascade. If the day has been long, take a quick dip in the pool and you will be recharged.

The woods are a fascination, hence nature walks are popular. There is chance to see some animals.

If you happen to be travelling through Tenkasi or Shenkottai, why not deviate to Courtallum? It is one of the well known waterfalls in South India. Courtallum is only about 6 kms from either of these towns.

Distances: Kollam – 114 kms   Punalur – 67 kms   Konni – 47 kms 

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