Waterfalls in Kozhikode

Thusharagiri, Aripara, Urakuzhi and Olichuchattam are the waterfalls in Kozhikode.

Of these, Thusharagiri is a significant fall where as Olichuchattam is only a tiny flow deep within the forest. Adventure trekkers only travel to this waterfall. They do it for the challenging trek rather than the waterfall experience.

All the waterfalls of Kozhikode are located along the eastern hills.

One of the falls at Thusharagiri

Thusharagiri waterfall

Thusharagiri is one of the well known waterfalls in Kerala.

There are a five falls in Thusharagiri. The lower three falls are open to visitors. The top two falls are generally considered beyond reach. They too are reachable, if you are ready to trek 5 kms through the jungle and tackle quite a few, hard to climb, high rocks.

Forests and plantations make up the green vista of Thusharagiri. Rubber, areca nut and various spices and herbs grow in abundance.

Thusharagiri is on the outskirts of Wayanad hill station. Not a lot of people of know that Thusharagiri is a hill station.

The cascades here are the most popular of all waterfalls in Kozhikode. So at times, there can be crowds.

Stay choices are limited, even if you include neighbouring Kodencherry in the search. Home stays are the best bet. There are a couple of hotels as well.

Thusharagiri is the right fit for nature walks and bird watching. There are plantations to explore and a whole countryside to saunter. You can even follow the jungle trails and see a few animals.

To be on the safe side, organise a local guide for forest treks. If you are really keen on jungle treks, there is the opportunity to trek day long to reach Vythiri hill station in Wayanad.

Thusharagiri, one of the falls

Distances: Kozhikode – 50 kms   Calicut Airport – 56 kms

Aripara waterfall

Aripara waterfall is only 12 kms from Thusharagiri.

This is a great picnic location on the periphery of thick woods and misty hills. Nature’s creations include a flat rocky river bed and a shallow stream.

Although the waterfall is small, the milky stream and its turbulent flow along the rocks are very charming. The stream creates several waterfalls during its wild run. After Aripara, the streams calms down to a gentle flow.

Several people have died at the waterfall. The rocks are slippery. Once fallen, it is end of story unless some miracle happens.

There are plenty of pools along the placid downstream. Even local kids play there.

Aripara falls is at Anakampoyil near Thiruvambady.

Distances: Kozhikode – 44 kms   Thiruvambady – 11 kms

Urakuzhi waterfall

This is a waterfall inside a rocky ravine. Rocks attempt to block both the water flow and the view.  There is a hanging bridge to view the waterfall. Regardless, uninterrupted view is not possible.

On the plus side, it is only one kms from Kakkayam dam. The location in the middle of the hills is truly awesome.

Distances: Kozhikode – 64 kms  

Olichuchattam waterfall

At an altitude of 2340 metres above sea level, the tip of Vellarimala is touched by only the toughest of trekkers. The obstacles can be as big as elephants and as small as leeches.

Olichucahattam is a waterfall along the way. It is also known as Vellarimala waterfall.

It is a tall fall with less water volume. After monsoons, water fall reduces to a thin flow down the rocks.

For trekkers, this is a resting spot after 6 kms hard core trek through the forest and up the hill. The trek starts from Muthappnpuzha, the village after Anakkampoyil.

Distances: Kozhikode – 56 kms   Thiruvambady – 22 kms

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