Waterfalls in Palakkad

You may not have heard much about waterfalls in Palakkad. There are waterfalls although word about them is not widespread.

Nearly all the waterfalls are in remote locations, where roads in disrepair are quite common.

Take up the challenges, and the journey ends in a waterfall, unpolluted, uncrowded and attractive of course.

Except for a couple of major attractions such as Malampuzha and Nelliyampathy, tourism is yet to arrive in Palakkad. So the rule is – check before you go. During heavy rains (Jun-Aug), waterfalls may be access restricted. In the middle of summer, water may dry up.

Dhoni waterfall

Dhoni is one of the major waterfalls in Palakkad, however many people visiting Malampuzha dam have not even heard of this cascade, just a few kms away.

The main reason probably is its location atop a hill. Visitors have to trek for about 3 hours to reach the cascade. Not a lot of people are willing to spend about 6 hours on foot, when there are easy alternatives to explore and enjoy.

The cascade is refreshing to look at, if that is not enough, jump to the waterfall pool to have refreshment in spades.

Dhoni to Malampuzha trek is one of the best kept secrets. The walk through the forest is not an everyday affair. You need permission from forest officials and they can organise an experienced guide. The distance is about 5 kms.

The waterfall is on Dhoni hills, on the outskirts of Palakkad town.

Distances: Palakkad – 15 kms   Cochin – 153 kms

Meenvallam waterfalls

Fame is not a great yardstick. Meenvallam is a shining proof.

Have you heard of River Thuppanad and its remarkable downhill flow creating ten waterfalls in a row?

The tenth waterfall, the last one of all, is enough to entice. If rocks are dry, you can climb up to a couple more. Trekking all the way to cover the whole set of ten waterfalls is a remarkable feat, a mountaineering challenge in all respects.

If you are travelling from Palakkad, take Mannarkad Rd (SH213) and deviate to the right at Kalladikode. Travellers from Mannarkad can turn left at Karimba, instead of travelling all the way to Kalladikode.

There is a 1.5 kms trek to the waterfall, have to cross the small river along the way.

The best time to visit is after the monsoons (Oct) till end May.  

Distances: Palakkad – 28 kms   Mannarkad – 22 kms  Karimba – 9 kms  Kalladikode – 8 kms   Cochin -167 kms

Atla waterfall

This is one of the higher falls of Meenvallam, accessible by a forest path. It has one more name – Aaral waterfall.

The waterfall is splendid. The trek is about 5 kms through forest. You can hire a jeep from Kalladikode, and it will cut down the trek.

Distances: Palakkad – 29 kms   Mannarkad – 23 kms  Karimba – 10 kms  Kalladikode – 9 kms   Cochin – 167 kms

Seetharkundu waterfall

Panoramic views of Seetharkundu (Sitargundu) are often included in the highlights of Nelliyampathy hill station tour.

One of the attractions of the vista is a tall waterfall, an impressive sight even from a distance. Nelliyampathy has so much to see and do, so people have a good look at it from the view point and get on with other plans.

As per legends, Rama, Sita and Laxmana stayed here sometime during their 14 year exile. Sita took bath from the bottom stream, hence the name Sitarkundu.

Distances: Palakkad – 56 kms   Nenmara – 29 kms   Cochin – 153 kms

Pathrakadavu Waterfalls

Pathrakadavu is a scenic location towards the southern border of Silent Valley National park. A few years ago, this area was included in the buffer zone of the bio diverse National Park.

A couple of waterfalls at Pathrakadavu plus the nearby Nillikkal falls will keep you busy, if you have plans to explore this beautiful land.

Distances: Palakkad – 70 kms   Mannarkad – 35 kms   Cochin – 210 kms

Siruvani waterfall

Siruvani waterfall (also called Kovai Kutralam) is a choice only if you have plans to visit Tamil Nadu. Unlike Siruvani dam, this waterfall belongs to Tamil Nadu.

Perhaps you may know that the entry to Siruvani dam is through Kerala only. Tamil Nadu border is closed for tourists.

Interestingly, the waterfall access is through Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is just an hour drive away.

This waterfall is not covered in Kerala Forest Department’s Siruvani dam eco tours.

Distances: Palakkad – 68 kms   Mannarkad – 55 kms   Coimbatore – 36 kms   Cochin – 207 kms

Waterfalls at Edathanattukara

Edathanattukara is close to the Southern border of Silent Valley. Enveloped in a thick blanket of plantations, this region has several small waterfalls including Vellachattapara and Uppukulam falls.

Distances: Palakkad – 57 kms   Mannarkad  –  20 kms

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