Waterfalls in Trivandrum

There are several waterfalls in Trivandrum. All of them are located along the hills of the north east. Cascades such as Kalakkayam are popular holiday destinations while there are the likes of Bona falls, deep within the jungle and visited by only very few people.

Always carry leech repellents as you may encounter them out in the wilderness.

Kalakkayam waterfall

Idinjar, a small countryside near Palode, has a couple of waterfalls.

The most important one is Kalakkyam waterfall, also known as Idinjar falls. Since the waterfall is on Mankayam River, it has one more name – Mankayam waterfall.

Being near to the road, this waterfall is easy to access and hence a popular picnic spot. Expect crowds during weekends and public holidays.

You may want to step on the rocks to reach the small pools at the bottom of the waterfall. These rocks are slippery and can take you down in an instant, especially during monsoons. Rains in remote areas of the forest can cause flash floods. For these reasons, restrictions to pool entry are in place during monsoons.

Distances: Trivandrum – 44 kms   Palode – 9 kms

Kurisadi waterfall

Kurisadi falls is the other cascade created by the same river – Mankayam. Similar to Kalakayam, Kurisadi waterfall is also a designated eco-tourism destination run by the Tourism Department. Kurisadi is a smaller fall. The pool here is easy to access and not as risky as Kalakkayam.

The charm of the surroundings may entice you to explore further. In that case, the best thing to do is to join one of the treks organised by the eco tourism office at Kalakkayam waterfall.  You will need to keep aside sufficient time since these treks are either half a day or full day.

Distances: Trivandrum – 45 kms   Palode – 10 kms

Braemore estate waterfall

Braemore estate is only 5 minutes drive from (2.5 kms) Kalakkayam waterfall. Inside the estate, there is a private natural waterfall. They charge fee for access. The waterfall is small but serenity is in abundance since you will be left undisturbed in company with nature’s grace.

Distances: Trivandrum – 47 kms   Palode – 12 kms

Meenmutty waterfall

Kallar River is the creative force behind a couple of waterfalls. If you are ready to trek a few kms through the forest, Meenumutty (also Meenmutti) is the first in line to enjoy. The place to arrive is the Ecotourism office at Kallar, between Vithura and Ponmudi. The waterfall is part of the forest. They issue passes and arrange guides to take you to the waterfalls.  

Strewn with large boulders, Kallar river bed adds to the wild beauty of the forest. Meenmutty is a multi tiered cascade, spectacular and serene.

During rains, the waterfall pools are too dangerous to access. No need to miss out the much anticipated water pool experience since there is a bathing spot (bathing Ghat) at the start of the trek trail.

Distances: Trivandrum – 46 kms   Vithura – 9 kms

Kombaikani waterfall

If you are tempted to walk in the leafy wilderness alongside River Neyyar, Kombaikini, the second cascade of Kallar duo, is just for you. Waterfall is an inspiration, if you look at this lovely landscape or just an excuse, if you look at the size of the fall.

The forest walk from Meenutti waterfall to Kombaikani is about 2 kms.

Do you know that Ponmudi hill station is only 13 kms from the eco tourism office at Kallar? You will have to tackle several hair pin bends along the way.

Distances: Trivandrum – 48 kms   Vithura – 11 kms

Vazhvanthol waterfall

Vazhvanthol waterfall is a great location for a treknic (trek + picnic). The waterfall trail is only about 2.2 kms, nevertheless expect to reach the cascade in an hour. There are rocks to tackle and undulating terrains to get through.

Expect to be tired. The waterfall is such a refreshing presence that in a wink you will feel good again. No need to put yourself at risk at the slippery areas because there are several other equally good pools where you can enjoy the freshness of the mountain stream.

You will be amazed how little this awesome place is known. Other than keen nature enthusiasts, not a lot of people venture to here.

Make sure to take food with you. No surprise if you feel very hungry after a treacherous trek. Again no surprise, if you feel to spend several hours here.

Vazhvanthol waterfall is past Vithura in the north eastern part of Thiruvananthapuram district. Soon after Vithura is Theviyode junction. Take the deviation towards Bonacaud. Travel about 12 kms and you will reach the check post, where you have to take the entry pass. Vehicles travel a couple of kms from the check post.

Distances: Trivandrum – 53 kms   Vithura – 16 kms

Bona falls

This is one of the least visited waterfalls in Trivandrum. Located deep within Agasthyarkoodam Biosphere Reserve, you need permission from the Forest Department to travel to this waterfall. The Forest Department will arrange a guide for your waterfall trek. The contact is -

The wild life Warden, Forest Department, PTP Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

Tel: +91 471 2360762

Forest Department operates an information centre and a check post at Bonacaud. The guide will join you from there for a further 4 km hard core trek through the forest.

Distances: Trivandrum – 59 kms   Vithura – 24 kms

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