Wayanad waterfalls – the best ones to visit

What you need to know about Wayanad waterfalls is that they all are different. Some are good for picnics and romantic tours, while others are suited for adventure aspirants. So make sure to pick the right one that suits you.

The major falls are Soochipara, Kanthanpara, Meenmutty and Chethalayam.

Soochipara waterfall

Soochipara (or Sentinel), the most popular waterfall in Wayanad, is located about 23 kms from Kalpetta.

Meenmutti, the largest of Wayanad waterfalls, is really difficult to reach. So people tend to flock to Soochipara, the next best.

The waterfall is located about 1 km away from the ticket office. Fit people can reach the waterfall with ease where as kids and old people may find it testing at times.

Soochippara waterfall

The Malayalam word Soochipara (Soochippara) translated as ‘needle rock’ is indicative of the shape of the 200 m rock nearby.

Soochippara is a three tiered fall. The first two falls are beyond sight and out of reach. From the bottom fall, water flows away as a small stream.

The surrounding location and the nearby hills –Vellarimala and Chooralmala – are covered by forests. The trekking path has a few look out points.

The nearest town is Meppadi, 13 kms from Soochippara. Meppadi to Soochipara path is one of the best scenic drives of Wayanad.

The regional town Sulthan Bather is at 43 kms and the other town Mananthavady at 58 kms.

Kanthanpara Waterfalls

Kanthanpara is only a few kms from Soochipara.

The waterfall is small and beautiful and a short walk away from the street. So it is great for picnics, family tours and romantic outings.

Kanthanpara, surrounded by tea gardens and plantations, is about 22 kms south east of Kalpetta. Meppadi is at 8 kms, Batheri at 23 kms and Mananathavady at 57kms.

Meenmutty waterfalls

Meenmutty is the most spectacular of all Wayanad waterfalls.

Although not as well known as Athirapally, being a 1000 ft voluminous perennial plunge, it belongs to the same league as one the best waterfalls of Kerala.

It is a three tiered waterfall. The bottom level can be reached by trekking about one km. Mind you, the walk is arduous. Forget the top two tiers unless you are a hardcore adventurer.

It is located about 29 kms from Kalpetta. Meppadi is at 12 kms, Batheri at 12 kms and Mananthavady at 54 kms.

Latest Info : Meenmutty waterfall is closed for visitors after several deaths happened there. Please contact district tourism officials in advance, if you want to visit there. They can tell you if you are permitted to visit or not.

Chethalayam Falls

Chethalayam waterfall is near to Muthanga Sanctuary, about 12 kms from Batheri.

The cascade is about 4 kms into the jungle, so permission is mandatory to visit there. Usually a forest officer accompanies since elephants share the trek path now and then.

The waterfall is small, hidden behind trees and seen only from the very near. The waterfall is seasonal. Water dries up as summer sets in.

Kalpetta is at 37 kms and Mananthavadi at 54 kms.

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