If you are in the upper part of Central Kerala and if you love to spend some time at a hill station, well, there is one place to lift your spirits - Nilambur. This lovely place is located in eastern part of Malappuram.

A stand out destination in many respects, Nilambur is known for its teak trees, bamboo woods and paddy fields.

Nature’s craft is all inclusive, when it comes to green hills, deep valleys, gurgling streams, splashing falls, thick plantations, dark forests and the like.

There you can walk in the wilderness, stop to feel the moist touch of brooks and cascades and join a look out to glance wildlife.  

If you are after pictures, there is potential for your camera to get a decent work out.

If you are reaching here after a long journey, the best place to settle is Nilambur town, where you can find food and a place to rest. It is a convenient stop by while travelling to Ooty and Mysore.

One of the major towns along interstate highway, it is also a strong regional hub for trade and commerce.

Nilambur tourism - Places to see

Nilambur has world’s first teak plantation as well as a museum dedicated to teak. Both are great places to visit.

Nilambur Teak Museum

The best waterfalls to visit are Adyanpara waterfall and Koyippara. People travel to Kakkadampoyil and Nedumkayam to see nature at its best. Wildlife encounters are on the card, as well.

Out of town is a Pottery village with potential to surprise you. Their  creative use of clay is quite fascinating.

Kovilakoms are the ancestral homes of ruling families. They are good examples of Kerala's traditional architecture.

Visit our page about tourist attractions in Nilambur to read a detailed description of above spots and many more.

How to reach

Nilambur can be reached by road and rail. Since it is near the border, you can reach from both Kerala and Karnataka.

The town has a rail station, State Road Transport (KSRTC) depot and a private bus stand. Regular trains connect here with several major towns. 

The nearest airport is Kozhikode, about 45 kms south west.

Where to stay

There are a few three starts hotels and several lodges right in town. Some of the traditional houses are converted to home stays. Finding something decent is easy.

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